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clip_image002C and C++ Projects

NetBeans IDE includes project types for C and C++ and appropriate project templates. You can work with and create C/C++ applications with dynamic and static libraries, and you can also create C/C++ projects from existing code. C/C++ projects also support Fortran and Assembler files.

Users can now easily create new projects from scratch by simply dragging-and-dropping a binary file to IDE. The project system automatically finds the source files, adds them to the project, configures code assistance and even explores project dependencies. Users also now have more flexibility in configuring the "Run" and "Debug" command and thus can run and debug static and dynamic libraries.

GNU Debugger Integration

The C and C++ editor is well integrated with the multi-session GNU gdb debugger. You can set variable, exception, system call, line, and function breakpoints and view them in the Breakpoints window. Inspect the call stack and local variables, create watches, and view threads. You can evaluate a selected expression by moving the cursor over it and viewing the tooltip. The Disassembler window displays the assembly instructions for the current source file.

Added support for Pretty Printing allows users to analyze variables with STL types in a user-friendly presentation in the Variables or Watches view.

The "Expression evaluation" window enables users to evaluate any custom expression in the current program context. Read the complete article here.

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